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My Cer Hoe page

MyCER CONSULTING was founded in March 2013 with the intention of providing its clients with a complete service of the highest standard in the commercial and transport sector. Over time, we have specialized in B2B dispatching and transportation services for the US market. During this period of time we have been a reliable partner to many transport companies that are still part of our portfolio.


With the changes brought by new technologies and specific knowledge of micro and macro economy, as well as trading conditions in the US market, ever since 2015 we have transitioned to new offices and developed additional team members.

MyCER employs professionals with decades of corporate experience and proven success behind them.
We transfer the winning mentality and the necessary knowledge to the brands of our clients, with whose values we identify.
We make much more from dispatching to mere transport sector tool – we make long-term relationships between companies and customers.


Dispatching is no longer exclusively an expensive item used to position large conveyors with unlimited resources.
The digital space today allows you to get measurable results for far less money by outsourcing through digital tools with the right collaborators.
Results that you can use to further improve your business.



MyCER always knows what the next step is.

MyCer agencija