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Competition is always a good prism through which to look at the market.
The ways in which competition appears or does not appear can tell us a lot about a market.


Your company’s current market position is viewed from many factors. Through the possession of the right tools and decades of corporate experience, we know exactly how to determine where you are currently in the market and competition coordinate system.


Macro and micro economics tell us a lot. They tell us about the current situation, visible threats, opportunities, purchasing power and the needs of a certain market for a product. Sounds too complicated? Not for us.


Through official reports obtained in cooperation with various state institutions in combination with independent research, we can determine not only the size of the market, average prices and price range, but also trends in consumption and production, fluctuations and seasonality.

MyCER istrazivanje trzista
MyCER poslovni plan



A SWOT analysis of the present condition of the corporate entity is still the greatest approach to see if you’re still on track with your initial vision, how to stay faithful to it, and how to adapt it to the current business climate. Make use of our decades of business knowledge to your benefit. Our goal is to help you convert your shortcomings into strengths and open up new doors for you.


We present an effective suggestion for adjustments to the company plan, which we mutually integrate into your existing business structure, based on detailed investigation.


Contact us if you are just starting out and need assistance.
Our staff will pay close attention to you and would be pleased to create a thorough business strategy for your success.



Quality workforce has always been a controversial item. We know that a job for an employee is much more than a salary and working hours.
Consulting with us will lead you to the status of the most desirable employer who will no longer have problems with quality workforce.


In order for a business environment to radiate team spirit, solidarity and a positive atmosphere, it is necessary to set certain parameters of corporate behavior among all team members. Today’s ways of communication have advanced far compared to the times behind us, and every member of the team should feel good in their work environment. A team that works well with each other gives the best results.


The first contact your company makes with the end customer or external associate takes place through members of your team.
They are a mirror of your company and should present it in the best light, in accordance with your vision of the same.


In order to accurately track the progress of your business, you must have clearly defined processes.
The processes of the commercial sector are very complicated even for experienced business people even today.
With our expertise, through training and coaching, we improve work and organizational techniques and ethics.
We eliminate everyday unplanned business obstacles that take your time.

MyCER obuka zaposlenih
MyCer agencija za digitalne strategije



Nearly 40 years of work experience among us in the corporate sales and logistics sector have brought many good and bad situations that we have overcome and improved through various business techniques. In a word – experience.
Let us share it with your sales team so that it can give you its full potential.