“The quality combined with the experience” becomes
“Tradition and innovation.”


A single brand with a dual personality: the respect of the values of the great Italian tradition of ceramics together with constant research of distribution and more advanced production methods.


in 1961 in Veggia di Casalgrande, in the heart of the nascent ceramic district of Sassuolo. In business for over 50 years, AURELIA is one of the longest established names in the great Italian ceramic tradition, and is synonymous with creativity, quality and reliability.



1991 saw the foundation of ERMES CERAMICHE, a dynamic, market-oriented company whose philosophy revolves around innovation and customer service, a vocation that allowed it to gain a strong foothold in the sector in the space of just a few years.


Merger of AURELIA and ERMES

In 2001, ERMES CERAMICHE purchased the AURELIA brand, and shortly afterwards the two companies merged to create ERMES-AURELIA, a new brand that combines tradition with innovation, quality and design, with products manufactured exclusively in Italy.


Creation of LOGO

In order to respond to the demands of an increasingly globalised ceramic market, the LOGO line was created, offering an alternative series of import products carefully selected to meet the continuing requests from the international market, in keeping with strict criteria imposing a serious, transparent approach in line with the traditional concepts of style and reliability.


Today Ermes Ceramiche Spa is a consolidated company that distributes about 3 million square meters in the world and looks at the future with optimism, certain that the values of reliability, dynamism and creativity that have distinguished so far are always good arguments to win even the challenge of tomorrow.