We are MyCER consulting, Serbian based company specialized in sales and logistics activities since 2013. What has started small as a freelance office has developed into 3 office space with all commodities required by fast pace of business today. From broadband internet, dinning, sports and relax areas to fully equipped working stations with latest technology requirements for all of our employees.

We consider ourselves a small company but with a big tendency to grow. We are big enough to meet all demands with our experience and expertise, yet again, small enough to have an individual approach to every client. 

For the past 4 years we provide brokerage and dispatch service to USA based small and medium sized trucking companies with great success. All of the clients we have started to work with are still part of our family.

We recognize our strength in that.

Many people from the Balkan area have found their home in the USA trucking industry. Matters not if they are working as drivers, brokers or company owners, they have been recognized as diligent, responsible and honest. Those are the people we have started our business with and all of them are our clients even today.

Market race is often ruthless, and no matter where your place on the globe is, business is always the same. Cutting expenses is the first thing to do in the time of crises. Among those cuts first thing on the list is labor cost. That is right where we step in.

All of our team members are young, highly qualified, college graduates with excellent verbal and written English knowledge and great market know-how. Most of them have specialized in economics and find the working tempo of freight brokerage business compelling. To us, it is the closest thing to working on a stock exchange we can get. And we really like what we do. Due to that, we never lack in motivation. 

Most of the experience we have obtained through trading on the area of Mid-West, East and South with regular vans, flatbeds, power only units and reefers. We dedicate to provide the very best service to our clients by providing one broker per client that is taking care of all their needs. From negotiating loads with brokers and driver dispatching to tracking payment moral with dedicated factoring services. Our brokers work with maximum of 5 trucks each so you know you will have the very best rates on the market at the moment. If the client develops larger capacity we can add more brokers accordingly. We tailor our offers to the client needs.

MyCER always has a game plan. And that is what matters.

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