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My Cer Hoe page

You need complete solutions?

We cover all!!!


We keep your truck running at highest market rates while ensuring maximum capacity in compliance with DOT standards. We honor your desires and your drivers needs. All drivers that we dispatch have next load ready for them before they have offloaded the freight they are running. Trip planning for others is week planning for us. We are always several steps ahead of the competition following market and weather conditions. No high tolls are needed to make good weekly gross and great rate per mile. Keep your running costs low and your income high. From load search, rate negotiations, tracking your drivers status, with constantly updating brokers to resolving all needed paperwork, our dispatchers offer full stack service.

We specialize in dispatching dry vans, flatbeds and reefers.


Our team will be providing timely updates for the loads your fleet is running in order to develop deeper relationships with broker and establish your MC as a trustworthy carrier with impeccable record. Drivers are on the road 24/7 and we are there to help them and keep them safe. Any situation that may arise will be taken care of. Our after hours team is on duty when everyone else is asleep.


We make sure your bills are 100% clean and to all sides confirm before billing.
Billing is easy with us. We handle all the paperwork that might occur in a load, and make sure you get your money on time. Our staff is made of professionals that do not let anything slide by. Never worry about shortages and damages again.


We always provide insights on your fleet`s daily, weekly and monthly statistics. Know your truck`s rate per mile, total and average gross per week, per month and all history in a previous year. Get know of your frequent customers, better understand prices and market conditions. Market is volatile, you do not need to be.