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My Cer Hoe page




The combined corporate experience of more than four decades stands behind us. The business structure and hierarchy are well known to us because we have personally and individually gone through it on an upward trajectory.



Proven business successes in various business structures and environments are the best evidence of us. Long-term contracts with clients from the United States prove it so.



More than just locating freight loads is what Truck Dispatch Services does.
Truck dispatchers, of course, arrange loads for carriers, but they also provide additional services that can help your entire company. Our truck dispatchers will make sure you stay in compliance with motor carrier regulations so you can stay out of trouble and keep working.



Our dispatchers will not only assist you in locating high-paying loads, but also in managing relationships with shippers, setting service expectations with brokers, and resolving any complex issues that may occur. As a truck dispatch firm, our job is to assist you in dealing with unexpected delays caused by weather, traffic, and other factors while you’re on the road.



You may start booking loads yourself as an owner operator utilizing load boards. This may work for a while, but once you start receiving loads, you won’t have time to keep up with the load boards. You’re also losing out on higher-paying loads with which you may make more money.



This is where a dispatching firm may assist. Our dispatcher will free up time for you to focus on your business rather than looking for cargo. The absence of constant loads to keep their business going is the primary reason of failure for most new owner-operators. Time is a valuable commodity.



We take a portion of your charge as truck dispatchers who provide freight dispatching services. This incentivizes us to negotiate favorable pricing on your behalf.



We make more money if you make more money.



We are our best product.
Make sure of it!